About Us

We learned about FOREX the difficult way. We traded with moving averages and RSI and stochastics and all of those other nice pre-packaged indicators and studies that were developed decades ago and are now commonplace in all charting applications.

Quite simply, they didn’t work.

Don’t get us wrong: they are a useful way to keep track of the market, but as far as placing trades and managing risk, we realised there was a better way to manage FOREX risk.

We learned programming. We learned how to code. We learned how to apply advanced statistical analyses to our trading activities. We co-developed ECNs. We gained major experience on the buy-side and sell-side. We became very proficient at coding MetaQuotes Language (MQL), allowing us to develop winning algorithms that can be utilised on the world’s most popular retail FOREX trading platform, MetaTrader 4. We have also coded our trading algorithms and strategies in other programming languages and even open-source platforms.

We are here now to share our experiences, success, and failures with you. We do this by offering monthly subscriptions, allowing subscribers to monitor our actual trading signals and trading activity.

Unlike other opaque providers of similar services, we stand behind our signals and we publish our historical track records and performance.

Learn how it works today.